Frequently Asked

Where does the training take place?


This up to you, we can train people at a gym, at their home or outdoors. We also do online training programmes that cater for gym training and home training which you do on your own.


When do I pay for sessions?


All sessions must be paid for upfront. If it is one of our 4 week programmes, then the full amount must be paid for upfront.


Are you qualified?


Yes. You will feel confident knowing that we are both fully qualified and fully insured.


How long can I take to use up my sessions?


If it is a single session you have bought, it must be used within 2 weeks. If it is a 4 week programme you have bought, then the full amount of sessions must be used within 4 weeks. 


Do I have to bring equipment with me?


No, the gym has a vast amount of equipment to cater for everything. And we bring our equipment to your home.


How often should I train?


We always recommend training 2-4 times a week. However it is entirely up to you how often you train with us and we appreciate busy lifestyles and money can be factors. The amount of sessions you have is entirely up to you. 


Do I need to be at a certain level of fitness before I can have a Personal Trainer?


No. As mentioned on our home page, we train people from all walks of life. Everyone has to start somewhere and we aim to make you feel as confident and comfortable as we possibly can. 


How can I pay?


We accept cash, cheques, balance transfers and debit/credit cards. If you are paying by cheque, it must have cleared before the training can commence. 

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