You get what you pay for. And this is just as true when investing in a Personal Trainer...

Online Personal Training                         

£60 per month. Cancel anytime!


£6 per Bootcamp ticket


£18 - 4 weekly standing order (£4.50 per bootcamp)

•For safety reasons, Bootcamps must be booked online

4 Week PT Packages                                     

The 4 week packages are seperated into 3 categories. Platinum, Gold and Silver. The table below outlines what is included in each of them. The Gold is our most popular package. What we love about them is that when people commit to one of our 4 week packages, they commit so much more to their training. They commit to the sessions each week and they commit to the nutrition plan that we create for them. 4 weeks is enough time to make respectable changes to your body so if you work hard in your sessions, are disciplined in the kitchen and stick to the realistic lifestyle changes we set you, then your hard work will pay off. Trust us!




£480 (Gym)

£520 (Home)



£280 (Gym)

£300 (Home)


£160 (Gym)

£170 (Home)

Sessions per week 4 2 1
Nutrition plan included Yes No No
Price per session £30 £35 £40
Telephone support Yes No No

Gym Membership  X 1 month

Yes Yes No

Personal training session (1 single)

1 hour (at home) £47.50            

1 hour (at gym) £45


Personal Training in a pair

A £5 supplement is added to all session prices when training with a partner or friend. 

Stretching Session

15 mins (in gym)  £10             25 mins (at home)  £30

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