I started training with George shortly after joining the gym and having suffered a series of medical problems in an effort to change my body and give me a focus in life. I was extremely nervous and self-conscious, but George was very open and put me at ease straight away. I very quickly realised that this was going to be something we would do together, rather than the ‘mentor/client’ image I’d been so scared of.

Each week we work on a different muscle group, with new exercises and techniques each time. I feel pushed when working with George, but not to the point where I feel uncomfortable; he always respects my limits (although he does keep the pressure on when required!). Our sessions are challenging and stimulating, giving me the push I need to train when I’m on my own. When I don’t understand something or get an exercise wrong he never makes me feel stupid, just reminds me how to do it as if it were the first time.

George has not only helped me to understand what and how to train in the gym, but also about what I am eating and the importance of good nutrition. He is always on hand to offer advice, no matter how trivial it may seem, and gives me fresh ideas to help with the diet when I’m hitting a bit of a wall. His personalised diet plans are varied and easy to follow, making achieving your goals relatively straight forward (albeit with a large dose of will power!).


I really look forward to training with George as it is always not only rewarding, but good fun. I know that he wants me to succeed as much as I do, and will help me however he can. Without his expert knowledge and support I would never have achieved the results I have in such a short space of time. I look forward to continuing to work together for many more hours of blood, sweat and tears to come.

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