I started training with George in September 2013 after looking at some very unflattering holiday photos!  I decided I needed to do something drastic after being a couch potato for the last 43 years.  I was initially nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect but after meeting with him he made me feel comfortable about starting to train.  
George also devised an eating plan which consists of low carbs, I have found this easy and never felt hungry.  I no longer feel bloated and tired and have a lot more energy throughout the day.
On starting the training and eating plan I was 11st 9lb (I am only 5ft 3), I now weigh 9st 12lb, more worryingly my waist was 37 inches, hips 41, under my bust 34 inches and each thigh 23 inches, they are now retrospectively 30, 36, 31 and 21 inches.  I have lost 19 inches overall!!


I have joined gyms in the past and taken up fitness classes but I always get bored and never feel like I progress, on occasion I have suffered injury which then puts me off training.  I have never had any injuries while training with George, he caters for the fact that I do get lower back and neck pain from time to time and makes sure I don’t cause further injury in these areas.  
I can’t speak highly enough of George’s training, I love the fact I turn up at the gym and I don’t have to think about a programme or how to improve as he does this all for me.  I believe you can’t beat one to one training as he is constantly checking my posture and positioning so each exercise is done to the maximum benefit.  I never thought I would enjoy lifting weights!! Equally important he is friendly, encouraging and easy to talk to so this makes my hour training speed pass!



When I started training with George I wanted to be able to start running; something I have always wanted to do but never managed.  After about 12 sessions I started running with a group and progressed from only being able to run for 30 secs to 10 MILES!!!  This has boosted my confidence so much and I would never have been fit enough to have started running without George getting my fitness & strength levels up first!  I don’t want to sound over the top but he along with my running group and of course my own determination has literally changed my life.  None of my friends & family can believe how I have changed so much and I have even inspired quite of few of them to start training and running too.
If you are hesitating over whether to use George as your PT, please don’t, I think he is professional, knows his stuff and is an excellent trainer.

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